Activity Support Fund

It is a policy of the Group that we will do everything possible to prevent individuals being excluded from events or activities because of financial difficulties.

We recognise that for various reasons it’s sometimes hard for families to finance all their childrens’ activities.  A fund is available to help support those members who would otherwise struggle to be involved in specific events or opportunities, or to maintain their membership.

We aim to provide a speedy and confidential application process and encourage the parents, guardians or leaders of the affected youngsters to use the fund, with the aim of making Scouting accessible to all.

Scope of the potential support:

  • Individual Group members who, through personal or family circumstances, cannot fund their involvement in activities or events which are considered by the Section Leader or Group Scout Leader to be appropriate to the member.
  • Groups or teams of members seeking funding to engage in an activity where funding constraints may otherwise prevent their participation.
  • Funding of any special equipment to enable individual’s participation in Scouting which would otherwise be a constraint.

Other Considerations

  • Consideration should always be given as to whether applications might also be possible to external funding sources.
  • All applications must have been discussed sensitively with parents/guardians who must be aware of the application.
  • A brief description of the application request will be prepared by the submitting leader.
  • An Appeals Team of 2 external independent nominees i.e. not current members of the Scout Group, selected by the GSL, will decide on applications. In the event of any failure to agree on an outcome, the Group Chairman will act as arbitrator. His decision will be final.
  • Funds will be administered by the Group Treasurer.
  • Details of any awards will remain confidential to those directly involved in the process.
  • Each year the Group Treasurer will issue a paper to the Group Executive and appeals Team members summarising Support Fund activity.

The Group website will carry information on the fund and contain an (optional) application form.

The Group Executive may amend or alter the above notes at any time.

Applications for awards:

The recommendation of the Section Leader or GSL will be made in writing to the Appeals Team. This will include –

  • A description of the event/activity, outline costs and contribution level sought.
  • How the activity/event in question will contribute to the aims of Scouting in respect of the individual’s personal development.
  • The financial/family background giving rise to the request e.g. an understanding as to why the family/individual is unable to pay in full.
  • How the individual works generally within the Group/Section e.g. full participation, commitment levels, behaviour and reliability.
  • The Leader’s personal recommendation.

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