How Much Does Membership Cost?

We currently make a quarterly “subs” charge of £26.00. There may also be periodic fundraising events. As fundraising is the collective responsibility of all group families, we do expect everyone to actively support and participate in these efforts so as to share the workload.

Our aim is that no youngster is prevented from any Scouting activity due to domestic financial constraints. We are very fortunate in having access to funding to provide our Activity Support Fund which is available to help in any cases where finance is an issue. You can find out more about the Activity Support Fund here.

Gift Aid scheme

The Group operates a Gift Aid scheme, whereby we can recover a further £26 per member from the Inland Revenue at no expense to parents. New members will receive a Gift Aid Declaration Form to be completed by a UK taxpayer and handed to your group leader. We assume that every member will have Gift Aid in place, unless neither parent of a child pays any income tax at standard rate.

200 Club

The Group also runs a 200 Club to boost funds. Membership only costs £1 per month. If you would like to join the 200 Club, new members need to complete the Application Form and Mandate received when joining or download this form and hand it in, please ask your group leader at your first meeting.


Members need to provide their own Beaver/Cub sweatshirt top or Scout Shirt which can be purchased online from (owned by Glasgow Scouts ) or (the UK Scouting subsidiary). Locally the Guiding Depot, 80 Victoria Street (open Tues/Wed 10-2; Thurs 3-6 and Sat 10-3) and Aitken and Niven in George Street also stock uniform items.

The Group provide all neckers and badges. Casual trousers/trainers are worn for normal meetings and smarter school trousers/kilts and shoes for some trips and visits. Joiners to the Scout section may also wish to purchase a scout belt.

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